The basic concept of health indicators

To discuss the Health indicators, firstly we must consider the meanings of health. It has a multidimensional nature, so the basic concept of health indicators can examine through the various theoretical and cultural referents. Therefore, it is a function of its historic places and periods from which the definition of health is verbalized.

The health concept used in this article that World Health Organization develop in 1947. It says that health is “complete mental, physical, and social well-being. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any disability or infirmity diseases.

According to the WHO concept, health aligns with reinforces of implications and the universal model. But some critics are complaining about this basic concept that it is idealistic and unachievable. They have arguments over the opinion of well-being which reflects the fantasy of this basic concept. Therefore, it is not useful because the health services are not enough for developing the operational health indicators.

Moreover, other critics have considered its failure because of the range of its dimensions and depending on the cultural framework. On the other hand, there are also those people who believe in the definition of health by WHO. Therefore, those individuals deliberate it as a step forward by the biomedical models.

Define data, indicators, and health indicators

In the field of public health, there is a hierarchy. First comes the word “Data”, which means that the most basic effort. That effort is to manage and then generate the indicators. Once it analyzes, it generates the information through this analysis. And further, this information interpreted by the experts then generates knowledge about health indicators.

Furthermore, this knowledge needs propagation with efficient and appropriate processes of communications. It helps to influence the decision-making related to health and then produces an action. All this process begins with the collection of evidence and climaxes for the public health actions. Moreover, the health indicators are the ways of measuring the specified characteristics of health for the entire population.

However, the purpose of this article is to define the measures of health indicators. And it also summarizes the relevant information that is capture by the different dimensions and attributes. Moreover, health indicators, define the performance of the health system and their health status. Health indicators monitor and describe the population’s health status.

Furthermore, these attributes can relate to the health qualities and characteristics, whereas the concept covers the physical, mental, emotional, environmental, spiritual, and social well-being. In this perspective, it is essential to differentiate between the data and the indicators. Data can consist of any numerical values which contribute to developing the health indicators.

Describe positive and negative health indicators

The classification of health indicators as negative or positive imitates with the health directly or inversely. The indicators are considered positive when they have a direct relationship with health. Therefore, the highest values of health indicators and the better for the health state of the people.

Moreover, the indicators have long-term existence of life expectancy, starting from birth. However, we talk about the other positive health indicators of the percentage of the treated cases of tuberculosis, vaccination coverage, and other family planning requirements.

Therefore, the health indicators are considered negative when they have an opposite relationship with health. So the highest values of indicators and the worst health state of the people. For example, negative indicators can be maternal mortality ratio, rates of infant mortality, incidents of aids, and the percentage of tuberculosis patients as well.


Health indicators play a serious role in revolving the data into applicable information which is helpful for the decision-making and policies for public health as well.

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