Health supplements play a key role in our nutritional needs. Therefore, patients are regularly asking about the recommendation of health supplements and their information. Moreover, nutritional recommendations can vary from person to person, according to their health status. There are some useful recommendations that every person must know about.

Multivitamin – health supplements

One of the most important health supplements is a good quality multivitamin. The majority of individuals cannot get the proper nutritional needs just by the food they take. However, by the report of the CDC (Central Depository Company), in America, only 13.1% of the population gets sufficient fruit intake and 8.9% get the vegetable intake.

Moreover, the food which they eat every day could not match the required number of essential vitamins and minerals. So the foods we eat contain a lower level of multivitamins than that our body consumes daily.

Another report of CDC defines that 90 million of the US population faces deficiencies of Vitamin D. And Around 30 million people are facing deficiencies of vitamin B12 and 18 million are facing vitamin B6 deficiency.

And also to another report, Individuals over the age of 50 have less than the 50% of the vitamin E levels they get from regular food only. Therefore, a quality multivitamin can be used as the supporting nutrients to overcome the deficiencies. And it also ensures that we are giving enough nutrients which our body needs.

Fish Oil – health supplements

Fish oil health supplements are the most essential needs of our body. They contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which are considered as important regulatory inflammations. Omega-3 fatty acids are fundamental for countless reasons to our body. However, these can only be obtained by the proper diet and health supplements.

SuitableOmega-3 acids are necessary for the proper respiratory, immune system, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal health. They help us to regulate blood pressure, function, immune system properly, maintain a healthy weight as well. Moreover, they also promote muscle and joint health and support a positive mood.

According to the 2006 study of Bost and Maroons, fish oil health supplements are as effective as other meditations. These supplements help to reduce neck and lower back pain. To meet the optimal levels, each person needs health supplements of Omega-3 fatty acids around 500–900mg. Additionally, individuals should consume at least 3 servings of oily fish per week, as recommended by the nutritionists.

Magnesium – health supplements 

Another one of the most important health supplements is magnesium as it requires around 600 enzymes reactions in our body. By the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), almost 75% of adults in America couldn’t get the proper daily intake recommended by the FDA’s.

People who consume a lot of processed food, and drink a large amount of alcohol are at high risk of magnesium deficiency. Individuals who are facing blood sugar abnormalities or diabetes or having gastrointestinal conditions suffer from deficiencies of vitamin D.

Vitamin D – health supplements

According to another report, almost 88% of the population is facing a low level of vitamin D. However, our body naturally produces enough vitamin D by sun exposure. But Sun is not enough source of vitamin D, according to the body’s needs and requirements.

Furthermore, there are so many factors that limit vitamin D from sun exposure. For example, older age, limited sun exposure during colder months, dark skin pigmentations, and clothes that shade the skin from the sun, and use of sunscreen.

However, Vitamin D is one of the more important health supplements for maintaining the proper neuromuscular function, bone integrity, normal inflammatory response, normal blood pressure proper calcium absorption, muscle strength, healthy immune response.

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