What is the meaning of dental health?

Dental health is all about the functioning and health of our teeth and gums. We will describe all the aspects of the health and functioning of the teeth in this article. However, teeth and gums should be free from infections. Although proper dental health care keeps our teeth and gum strong and enables us to speak, laugh, and eat nicely. Moreover, teeth and gum infections can cause many dental health issues. For example, inflammation of the gum, dental caries, bad breath, and tooth loss.

The most common dental disorder is dental caries, which is also refer as a tooth decay, affecting our overall dental health badly. Therefore, you can control the risk of dental caries by considering many factors. For example, exposure to fluoride, oral hygiene and also consuming the moderate frequency of cariogenic foods.

Moreover, another dental health care problem is that our teeth can be affected by erosion or the “tooth wear”. In this condition, tooth enamels are being lost due to exposure to acids and this is considered the normal part of aging.

There are many other forms of tooth wear such as abrasion and attrition. However, attrition is caused by teeth grinding, the condition where the teeth are crumbling by tooth-to-tooth contact. Moreover, abrasion occurs by external factors such as incorrect brushing of your teeth.

Furthermore, many other dental health problems such as periodontal diseases are commonly known as gum diseases. These occur due to inflammation or infection of the gum, the alveolar bone, and the periodontal connective tissues. Therefore, this dental health problem is the major cause of tooth loss as well.

Why dental health is important?

The health of our mouth and dental health is linked to well-being and overall health in a different number of ways. However, the essential task of obtaining the nutrients that our body needs for good health is the ability to chew and swallow food properly. Poor dental health not only put a bad impact on our nutritional status and also affects our speech and self-esteem.

Moreover, a dental health problem imposes both social and financial burdens because its treatment is costly. And also children or adults, may miss their schools and work just because of dental plans.

What are the dental health trends in Europe?

In most European countries, the occurrence of dental caries in adults and children has been declining for a few years. However, this is obtaining the use of primary fluoride toothpaste, exposure to fluoride, and better oral hygiene. On the other hand, intake of sugar and carbohydrates cannot be affected. The diseases like dental caries are under control by the use of fluoride and moderate intake of sugar and other carbohydrates and proper dental health care. Moreover, the consumption of sugar can be a major risk for those individuals who are facing high dental caries and also are not using proper fluoride toothpaste.

Furthermore, in many other countries, dental health caries is reduced. Especially in children and now it is extending towards young adults and teenagers. Also, elderly individuals are keeping their teeth longer now. Therefore, the risks of dental and root caries can be controlled by using the preventive measures which have been described above.


Additionally, dental professionals play an important role in this regard. They have done a great job of treating or preventing any problems and monitoring dental health. Therefore, by regular checkups, you can get access to good dental care. However, individuals like lower socio-economic groups should be the main target as they could not get the proper access to the professionals. Therefore, special dental health education programs we have to arrange for those individuals. And for this purpose, schools play a vital role in educating the importance of good diet and oral hygiene.

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