Describe Telehealth

are used to deliver the best services to their patients remotely. However, by the ATA (American Telemedicine Association), Telehealth exchanges the Medical Information from one site to another. For this purpose, it uses different electronic communication sources to improve the health status of its remote patients.

Furthermore, why and how to use Telehealth services depends upon your specific conditions, health needs, and goals, and also it depends on your physician’s protocol. You can use Tele health services from different sources such as telephone calls, video conferencing, storing or sending text or photographs, and live streaming, etc.

Of Telehealth services, you can use your phone, tablets, or even PCs. You can get all their services through their applications, websites, or other available tools. Moreover, Telehealth offers remote healthcare services that are more accessible and convenient for many people. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Telehealth becomes more popular among people who seek health services.

Telehealth services may also be known as telemedicine, virtual health, or Telecare.

What does Telehealth service mean?

Telehealth service is a comprehensive term that covers different methods of healthcare services virtually. Conventionally, by listening to the term Telehealth, it might come to your mind that it is a two-way video conferencing patient and the healthcare professional. Moreover, it could be more than the e-visit. It may include remote patient monitoring, phone calls, or asynchronous store-or-forward messages, test results, photographs over their application.

As we know that, this Telehealth service has been started over 50 years ago when NASA has introduced a service for the astronauts. Therefore, it became clear that it can also apply to provide healthcare services for the earth as well. Further, in the 1970s and 1980s, NASA has funded many Tele health research projects for remote populations. For example, these programs include the Soviet Republic of Armenia and Papago Indian Reservation.

However, in 1993, ATA has been developed and promoted Telehealth services by using different methods. In the 1970s and 80s, radios were used for remote healthcare communication. Telephone communication was developed in the 90s. As they develop this technology, many Telehealth methods are for this purpose as well. However, this technology may include asynchronous and synchronous videos, remote patient monitoring, secure messaging applications, and much more.

What we can treat by Telehealth service?

For those who are familiar with physical health care, it may be more difficult to them imagine the depth of Telehealth. However, this healthcare service presents the types of visits, a vast range of conditions, and areas of medicines as well. Therefore, the areas of medicines may include dermatology, primary care, dietetics, mental health, endocrinology, and cardiology.

Common diseases that Telehealth can treat may include:

Telehealth visits may include:

Benefits of Telehealth services

There are so many benefits of Telehealth Services for the number of healthcare needs and situations.

Further, we will discuss these benefits on our website. Just keep in touch with us.

Uses of Telehealth services

The uses of Telehealth services may differ on the basis of personal healthcare practices. However, most of the practices may use the same applications and technologies, but the method can be different and unique. Sometimes, many health care providers may have their own dedicative applications that you can download and log into them. Or many other healthcare providers may allow you to use your own tablets or make a face to face calls with their appointments. The uses of Telehealth services are so many that we will further discuss on our website.

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