What is a health indicator?

A health indicator is specifically designed to measure and summarize the information about the priority topics such as health system performance and population health. A health indicator can provide us the actionable and comparable information about different boundaries such as administrative, geographical, and organizational. And also it helps to track their progress over time.

Moreover, health indicator gives support to the regional or provisional health authorities, and institutions. Therefore, they help them to monitor the population’s health and also track that how local health systems woks. However, this helps in monitoring the dimensions of their key performance.

Furthermore, these dimensions may describe the framework for the measurement of health system performance. And also provides a common approach to the health system performance and their management all over the country.

Difference between metrics, indicator and performance indicator

In this article, we will describe the illustration of health indicators. Moreover, this section will illustrate that how a health indicator relates to the different measures of health. However, the health performance indicator is the type of health indicator, whereas a health indicator is a type of health metric.


Description: Metrics is information that is reported in a number and is quantifiable only.  It has so many uses but we cannot compare it.


Health indicator

Description: Health indicators put the metrics in a context which they usually design to ensure by using the ratio of per X. Directivity may occur or not.


Health performance indicator

Description: This is all about the health indicators with the desired direction.


Health indicator methodology

The CIHIs indicator library is the best source where you can find the different health indicator results for products, methodologies, and their definition. This library brings the metadata of health indicators altogether, so you can easily access their website and get the desired information.

Moreover, each health indicator, its definition, and methodology summarize in templates. The library has organized the health indicator according to the framework of CIHI’s Health System Performance Measurement.

Projects of health indicator

The ministers of health for provincial/ federal/territories are committed to working with CIHI collectively. Moreover, they also focus to develop a measure for the common health indicator as well. They also progress in the improvement of mental health, the use of the services of the individuals, and the community care.

This project provides us the comparative information related to cardiac interventions. Cardiac care centers, then use this information for supporting quality improvement efforts and monitoring.

CIHIs partnership with Statistics Canada in October 2014, and held a series of its fourth National Consensus Conferences. These national consensus conferences, develop the nationwide priorities of health indicators by Statistics Canada and CIHI’s reports

  1. The factors which affect our health
  2. The health of Canadians
  3. The performance of the health system

Health indicator reporting

The health indicator reports are delivered through a number of tools, such as:

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