Top 5 health fitness components

In this article, we are discussing the top 5 health fitness components which make the body strong and healthy. You already know that fitness is very important. So how do you maintain your fitness? For this, you need to do daily exercises. The benefits of these exercises are you easily maintain your body weight and you don’t get the overweight problem. It reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, maintains your blood pressure and blood cholesterol level, etc.  So here we are discussing the best health fitness components.

Best five components of fitness

Muscular strength fitness

Does muscular strength mean is how much strong you are? How much weight you can lift for how much time depends on your muscle strength. How many push-ups you can do during a workout? It depends on your muscle strength. If your muscle strength is good you can lift heavy weight during a workout. So it simply we can define it as how much force you can generate during any particular exercise. Muscular strength is an important health fitness component that is very necessary for your fitness.

Benefits of Muscular strength exercise

Body composition

Body composition means measuring your body and check the ratio between fat mass and non-fat mass. If your body has a lower percentage of fat it means your body is healthy and you need to maintain your fitness by doing exercises. Body composition is the second part of health fitness components. However, if your body fat percentage is high. Due to the high body fat, there are more chances of following diseases like heart disease, diabetes problem, pain in joints, etc. So it is very necessary to decrease your body fat and bring to essential level workout.

But if your body fat is lower than the essential level it also becomes the reason of many diseases. So it is very important for you to increase your body fat and bring it to an essential level. So for good body composition, you need a proper diet.

Flexibility health fitness components

Flexibility depends on joint movement and if you have a good range of joint motion. It means your body is flexible. However, To make the body flexible it has proper training and exercises include yoga exercises like seat stretch, cross over-exercise, seat side straddle, etc.

Benefits of body flexibility


Muscular endurance fitness

Muscular endurance means how much force in your muscle is against resistance. The Muscular endurance force measure by a number of repetitions against force over a period of time. However, Muscular endurance health fitness components help you to perform physical work for more time. You don’t tire immediately during any physical work. You can improve your muscular endurance by doing exercise daily and weight training.

Cardiovascular endurance fitness

Cardiovascular endurance is a health fitness component. It is measure by the overall physical health fitness of a person. You can check cardiovascular endurance by doing exercise. During exercise, if your whole body is involved. So, it means your cardiovascular endurance fitness is good. Otherwise, you need to improve your cardiovascular endurance.


Health fitness is very important in your life. So it is very necessary to make your body strong and healthy. You can easily become a healthy person by following these health fitness components.

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