There are many types of healthy diets. All diets are separate advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we are discussing some diet types which are related to weight loss, cholesterol control, blood pressure control, and diabetes control diet. These dieting plans peoples use all over the world.

Top professional healthy diets 

Here is a professional healthy diet that makes us healthy.

Paleo diet

The Paleo diet is most using in the world. It is related to weight loss diets. This diet is based on theory. This dietary plan is based on such food that is similar to the Paleolithic era in which some food was eaten and millions of years ago. This paleo dieting plan typically includes such following foods:

The Dash diet

The dash diet is also known as the second world diets plan After Mediterranean. Dash diet is used to stop hypertension is also design to avoid high blood pressure levels. But another benefit of the dash diet is losing weight because it is related to weight loss diets. Dash diet focus on the use of less salt, red meat, some vegetables, and fruits, whole grains, etc.

Mediterranean diet plan

The Mediterranean dieting is based on plan foods. The Mediterranean name is related to the Mediterranean Sea and who people lived around this sea were adopted this diet. It is used in the 20th century and earlier. It also prevents many heart diseases. Mediterranean diets include whole grains, olive oil, nuts and seed, potatoes, bread, and beans.

Vegan diet

This diet is also plant-based foods. It contains only plant-based fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts, and only foods included that are made by the plant. The vegan diet prevents blood sugar diseases. In dairy, items use alternative coconut milk, soya milk instead of milk and butter. It also reduces the chance of chronic disease. In a Vegan diets, we avoid such that come from animal milk, butter, etc.

Atkins Diet plan

The Atkins diets plan is related to fewer use carbohydrates (Carbo). We use such food in which low amount of carbs. It also uses losing weight and low carb helps to burn fats. You feel active and your body tries to burn fat. Atkins diet reduces many diseases like heart problems, diabetes, etc. The Atkins diet contains:

The Raw Foods diet

The raw foods diet is basically related to the use of such food which is unprocessed like daily products. There 3 types of raw food diets. First is a vegan diet that is only used of plant-based food and avoids all animal products. The second type of raw foods diet is a vegetarian diet in which uses plant-based foods and also included unprocessed foods. The third type of raw foods diet is a raw omnivorous diet in this type includes raw animal products, raw plant-based products, and dried meat also included.


If you want to diet then their many kinds of diets. Every diet plan is related to your choice. If a person does not know the diet and its benefits then this article is very useful for him. We cover some professional healthy diet that is very important for whose don’t know. We also explain the foods that include different diets plan.

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