What is Mental Health Awareness week?

The mental health awareness week is the annual event that specifically focuses on how to achieve good mental health. The Mental health awareness week was founded twenty-one years ago by the Mental Health Foundation. This is the best opportunity for citizens of the UK to focus on achieving good mental health.

Every year, this foundation organizes mental health awareness week and it continues to set an example and theme for all. However, this event has become one of the best awareness weeks in the UK and all over the world. This awareness week is open for the entire public Within the UK and globally as well. Furthermore, this event is all about the mental health status, things that can affect our daily life routine, and awareness about mental illness.

Additionally, the theme of mental health awareness week was nature. Therefore, the major concern was to connect people and the communities to nature. And also talk about how nature can affect and improve their mental states. So that, the aim of this awareness week was to connect as many people as it is possible. Moreover, people can talk about the other mental health aspects as well.

The theme for Mental health awareness week

The Mental health awareness week starts on 3 October, Sunday, and ended on 9 October, Saturday. The theme was “nature”, and several activities are involved in this event. However, the main purpose of all these activities is to remember the benefits of nature and our connection with it.

It involves a deep understanding of how nature can support and improve our mental health. Moreover, it is said that during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, people get closer to nature. Therefore, the research shows that getting closer to the natural affects our mental health. It also gives us the power to prevent as well as recover the mental illness.

Mental health awareness week involves a number of events throughout the week such as the Role of Nature in Health and Wellbeing, and Lunchtime Meditation sessions. It also gives awareness to people that how can we get closer to nature.

Why nature was chosen as a theme of mental health awareness week?

The nature theme was chosen for mental health awareness week. Because being in nature is considered an effective way to deal with mental health problems and protect our well-being.

It seemed particularly important this year – in a year of epidemics. Our own research shows that being in nature has been one of the most popular ways that the public has tried to maintain good mental health at a difficult time.

Our hope is that by increasing the importance of nature to good mental health awareness. We can also work to ensure that everyone can participate.

Nature is something that is all around us. This can be really helpful in supporting good mental health. Our desire is to make this relationship clear to both individuals and policy-makers.

Other important mental health awareness, priorities than nature

We are not saying that nature is the only priority that is important. And nature is not going to solve all mental health problems. But connecting with nature can play an important role in improving people’s mental health and making us feel better about ourselves.

During the lockdown, nature has played an important role in supporting mental health awareness. According to our own research, half of the population says that being in nature was a favorite way to deal with the stress of epidemics.

Why we can’t access nature?

The nature theme is an important part of the mental health awareness week. Most of us find it difficult to get access to nature. Because they have no outdoor space where they live. We will use Saturday to launch new policy requests so that people have maximum access to nature. This could include making parks feel safe in use or planting as many trees as possible in our streets or adding plants and green spaces to their designs from developers.

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